Our philosophy

In Yarnitas we dye high quality yarns with natural dyes, using a completely handmade process. Each skein is dyed in our small studio next to the Mediterranean Sea, where we take care of every detail so that you can knit with a unique product. We make knitting much more than a hobby, and it becomes an experience for the senses.

The colors of our skeins are the result of experimentation with plants, flowers, and even food! The process of dyeing with natural dyes is always surprising and can have unexpected results, and that is part of the charm. Did you know that there are dye plants that produce different colors depending on the season of year? It can only be described with one word: magic.

As nature lovers, we know how important biodiversity and practices as old as transhumance are, so one of our greatest goals is to raise awareness of the different breeds of native sheep in our country. In our base catalog we include Spanish breeds, small and unusual flocks ... You can choose between fibers such as Merino and Alpaca, or try something different like Teeswater, Highland or Silk. Whatever you are looking for, we have that special wool you need for your next project.

Do you want to know more about how we work?

Respectful and sustainable processes

We believe in a responsible lifestyle with the planet and with our environment, and we also apply it to our work methodology.

- We use cold mordanting processes, completely exhaust the color of dye baths and reuse their water. This way we limit the use of electrical energy and save water.

- The dye plants, flowers and fruits that we use come from sustainable sources.🐑

- Our packaging and printed materials iare recycled (and recyclable). In addition, you can reuse some packaging items.

- We work with local suppliers and businesses.

The most natural raw material

When you have one of the most perfect raw materials that exist, you don't need additives. In Yarnitas we work with the best wool, taking care about their origin and production methods. We guarantee the continuity of this artisan tradition in our country. You can check the origin and specific characteristics of each variety of yarn in the base catalog.

All our products come from farms that ensure animal welfare and where mulesing is not practiced. The best yarn comes from happy sheep <3

Although most of our bases are 100% untreated wool, our goal for this 2020 is to completely eliminate from our catalog those bases that contain nylon, and minimize those that have been treated with superwash. For many years we have investigated the processes and additives that are usually applied to wool, and what we have learned is that they are very harmful to the environment, in addition to eliminating many of the natural properties of this raw material. Soon we will tell you more about this topic in our blog.

And of course, working with yarns whose origin is in our country will always be a priority for us.

About us

My name is Gemma and I am the most visible part of Yarnitas. It is a pleasure to have you here :)

What I like most in this world is knitting (what a surprise, right?) and spending the day surrounded by beautiful yarn. I am a minimalist and I try to live in a simpler and slow way. I love spending time in nature, where I find inspiration, and I never say no to a cup of tea. I'm also a big organization fan and I take my bullet journal everywhere. Sometimes I design patterns, other times I teach knitting.

Yarnitas is the reflection of all the little things that make me happy, condensed in a skein. Each one has a little bit of me.

The other half of Yarnitas is Juan Carlos, my partner in crime. He helps me choose new colors and preparing each order. You can see him at yarn festivals at our stand.